Hammers Esports signs Top EU team: The Chavs

Your favorite rowdy team is now armed with Hammers

Author: Hammers Esports

While currently hailing from across the Atlantic pond and donning a team name most commonly reflecting a british anti-social youth subculture, The Chavs are hardly a random ragtag group of young lads and, in fact, continue to make themselves very well-known within the EU Overwatch competitive scene. With a successful history of working together since September 2016, the squad found their missing 6th man, Fischer, who has elevated their EU/World rankings and online play significantly (Top 5 EU, 25 World) to the point of trying their luck in trans-atlantic NA tournaments with incredible performances under high ping. Fischer found a home with ChrisTFer, Tomzey, Shaz, Sev and Snizzlenose—taking the gold together swiftly and undefeated in the most recent Overwatch XTRA Cup (EU) LAN finals in Paris against Team Dignitas, 3-0. Clearly, this was the best yet unsigned hot-streak secret team in all of the European Overwatch region… until now.

The Chavs, 1st Place @ the Overwatch XTRA Cup LAN Finals, Paris, France (photo courtesy

"Each member of the Chavs (led by team captain, ChrisTFer) is a perfect puzzle piece to their competitive team synergy. It is with pride and zero hesitation that we welcome them to the Hammers Esports organization as we believe long-standing friendships fueled by passion and confidence are the keys to succeed in any competition. We also admire the open communication of the team and their unquestioning belief in one another’s skill which goes a long way in an action-packed, six-man team title such as Overwatch." —R4GE, Director of Esports, Hammers Esports

“We are extremely grateful to Hammers for giving us the opportunity to play Overwatch full time. They meet our ambition of placing high in OWL and I expect our impressive results to continue to improve now that we have the infrastructure and support of an organization.” —ChrisTFer, Captain and Main Tank, Hammers Overwatch


As part of the #HAMFAM, the Chavs will continue to rise within the Hammers Esports organization, receiving the necessary support and means to continue their winning path as esports professionals on a global scale for the long-term. Additionally, long time esports aficionado and Overwatch analyst, Kirby, joined the squad recently as their hand-picked, full-time, Coach and Manager and will work closely with the Hammers Management team to ensure the team’s success on and offline. He positions the team to top Rogue, EnvyUs, and LG Evil (the previous Hammers Esports Overwatch roster) in their path to #1 especially on common, North American, home turf.

We remain fully committed to competing within the Overwatch scene with our targets squarely set on the challenges that the upcoming Overwatch League will bring. In order to do so, we’ll be preparing the team over the next few months towards a complete move to the United States (the sunny west coast) and specifically to Los Angeles, California, the heart of all North American esports, to live and work together in two distinctly different locations—a model we believe provides the best mental and physical health for players. 

From our Hammers house to yours, we’d like to firmly raise the bar and drop the hammer in representing all emerging esports organizations around the world as we seek out these incredibly talented individuals and outfit them with tools to be the best. So without further ado, welcome to the Hammers, chavs!


Be sure to follow the newest Hammers:

Christopher "ChrisTFer" Graham: Main Tank/Captain @ChrisTFerOW
Piotr "Sev" Hutyra: Flex @Sev_OW
Mads "Fischer" Jehg: DPS @fischerable
Erik "Snizzlenose" Hedåker: DPS @Snizzlenose
Jonas "Shaz" Suovaara: Support @Shaz_OW
Tamás "tomzeY" Bordás: Support @tomzeYjA
Yann "Kirby" Luu: Coach/Manager @followKirby