Hammers Call Hollywood Home

Hammers Arrive in Hollywood

Author: Hollywood Hammers
The Move

Back in March, Dot Esports wrote an article  about our steps that we’ll be taking to ensure the overall health and performance of our players. Join us as we carry out the plans set in place to create a healthy environment for our players and staff, and hopefully set a new standard in esports.

June 10th marks the relocation of the Hammers Overwatch team to Hollywood, during E3 they will all reside in a large rental home until more permanent residences can be established. After a short time, the team will live in two separate houses, with each member having their own rooms and spaces dedicated solely to them. The team houses will be separate from the practice/gaming areas, creating the key setting that players need in order to maintain a long and healthy career. 


The Overwatch team will be at E3 with other members and staff from Hammers at the MX4D Esports Experience booth from June 14th-16th. 


MediaMation and DXRacer will host a 3v3 tournament each day of E3 that will consist of a $500 in a winner-takes-all prize pool. The 3v3 qualifiers will be held each day at the DXRacer booth for 2 hours. In which participants will sign-up (first come, first serve) with the tournament organizer (Hollywood Esports) for the first hour of each day. There will be a 12-computer booth in which it will be split into 4 sections: A, B, C, and D, teams will compete against one another in order to move on. Teams that qualify for the finals will play at the MMI booth, in which a team will have to win two BO5’s in a row to further advance. The winning teams will be recorded and informed on the 3v3 Finals time and place. Finals will be best of 5, with a double win format.

TCL Esports Renovations

Following E3, Hammers will be hosting an after party, which will mark the beginning of renovations at the TCL Chinese theatre. The theatre will be optimized for a revolutionary esports experience, beginning with the MX4D chairs found at E3. The theatre seats will be replaced with these chairs to enhance the movie experience and the esports spectator experience as well. Let’s imagine, an Overwatch tournament is taking place in the newly renovated theater, Mei uses her ultimate in a game deciding fight. These chairs would give spectators a cool sensation to enhance the effect of the Mei’s freezing ability.

Aside from the chair improvements, there will be several extra screens that can be seen so spectators catch multiple angles and view their favorite players perspective. There will also be the addition of a separate practice area for Hammers teams to scrim, go over strategy, review games, etc. The Hammers area will have its own player space, conference room for conducting business, an office area for staff and a lounge for taking breaks or hanging out.

We’re extremely excited to take this large step forward for the benefit of our players and staff, and the esports community as a whole.