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TFL mar. 14, 2019


Welcome to The Forge League Season 2: The Shelly Cup! This season we're featuring more pro teams, more streamer teams, and an incredible $10000 prizepool that includes a traditional main event cash prize, Omlet Arcade tokens and a chance to be sponsored by Omlet Arcade based on your performance. Every team walks away with prizes, but which teams can take home the most in Season 2? We're extremely excited to find out!

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TFL mar. 11, 2019


Congratulations to Cream Esports—the victors of the inaugural Season One of The Forge League's 'Colt Cup' Brawl Stars series! And another special thanks to every team that played during Season 1 especially the streamer teams that qualified through the Omlet Arcade Streamer 16 series! Look forward to more from The Forge League for Season 2!

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TFL feb. 19, 2019


On February 16th, 2019 @ 11AM PST the Top 4 'Best Teams' of the Colt Cup Heats were found through intense gameplay. Nova Esports receives top marks through this season; losing only two games and clinching the first place seed entering the championships this weekend! Let's explain the brief rules and regulations for the Colt Cup Heats...

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pubgm feb. 17, 2019

Welcome to Hammers AMMO_PUBGM!

We're incredibly excited to welcome Ammo to the #HAMFAM! Hammers Esports are about to get even more involved with the PUBG Mobile scene in general and the addition of a mobile gaming veteran (literally) who continues to run THE PGT (The PUBGM Global Tournament) couldn't come at a better time.

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TFL feb. 16, 2019

The Colt Cup Heat I Results

Heat 1 of TFL was a great success. Nova eSports led by Cori came out on top after beating Cream eSports. Nova astonishingly only lost one match throughout all of the tournament. In this tournament, the best series was decided to be the Hammers Esports vs Cream eSports series. Hammers came back from a 2-0 deficit and just narrowly lost the winning match in a Gem Grab that went to over 20 gems. And there was also a tie for the MVPs of the tournament...

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armajet feb. 02, 2019


On the latest Armajet Dev Stream, Super Bit Machine spoiled its community with a sneak peek into the new 1.4 Update. It has since then been an interesting week with discussion and speculation about potential trailblazing changes to the current meta and how it should affect the competitive stage. Now that the update has dropped, it seems like a discussion was much needed. We asked HAMMERS6 to breakdown the update to the community and settle the ever so interesting meta debate.

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armajet jan. 26, 2019

HAMMERSJET IS Looking for creators

Pilots, the new word in the skies is that HAMMERSJET (the Armajet division of Hammers Esports) is opening its hangar doors to its 2019 HAMMERSJET Creators Program! We are looking for vastly driven Creators to propel their Armajet content to the next level. With the prospect of Armajet’s global launch seemingly around the corner, combined with a mass influx of players for even more insane jetpack deathmatch action, opportunities to grow as a content creator is limitless! HAMMERSJET is going big on content creation this year and you could be here to reap the rewards!

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armajet jan. 22, 2019

HAMMERSJET Tournament Retrospective

Looking back at the results of the latest community tournament, we talk to BigKingL (Captain of #HAMMERS6) for a retrospective on tournament results, what he’s looking forward to with Armajet’s community growth, and a sneak peek into Update 1.4 which was dropped on the latest official dev stream.

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Announcement jan. 16, 2019

The S16 Face Off in the Forged Four

The Streamer Sixteen captains and their teams face off this Saturday, January 19th @ 11AM PST in the “Forged Four” where the Top 4 placing teams remaining earn their split of a $500 prizepool. The Top 4 also earn their shot versus the pros in the Colt Cup in the coming weeks for an additional $1000 prizepool tournament series!

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TFL jan. 14, 2019

The Colt Cup Season One Hosts!

The Forge League is incredibly excited to announce FullFrontage and Doing Life Gaming as our main hosts of Season One: The Colt Cup! These two magnficently talented gentlemen both share an amazing passion for Brawl Stars and we have no doubt that they'll be able to entertain and analyze the matchups ahead. A brand new Community Vote segment will be introduced into The Colt Cup called the Moobmeter—carefully curated and crafted by none other than the moobiest-man himself, Mightymoob! If you're looking to win giveaways this season, don't forget to participate in all the Moobmeter events!

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