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Brawl Stars HAMFAM Rewards

Earn Leaderboard Rewards every season with #HMRSBRAWL

Beginning in 2019, Hammers Esports will support our entire Brawl Stars player communities and ignite the competitive drive of our ladder-pushers by rewarding our top #HAMFAM brawlers with cash prizes, bonuses and more! If you’re a verified hammers member within any one of our official Hammers Clubs and push trophies to land within the Top 10 seasonal leaderboards (US region, every two weeks) you’ll automatically be able to earn some awesome leaderboard rewards. If you're a Brawl Stars content creator wanting to host some amazing #HMRSBRAWL events, let us know!

If you've ever thought about joining #HMRSBRAWL or any of our other inner tourneys and giveaways, now's the time to claim fame and fortune with us! Check out the breakdown and eligibility requirements below or join for more information today!

#HMRSBRAWL Seasonal Rewards Program

  • #1 Player on the US leaderboard earns $50
  • Players who rank between 2nd and 5th place earn $10
  • Players who rank between 6th and 10th place earn $5
  • Winning any consecutive season as the #1 Player on the US leaderboard grants a player a bonus $20 on top of the #1 Player cash prize.
  • Each Brawl Stars in-game season is a period of 2 weeks each (as of time of writing)
  • Seasonal rewards are subject to change for the next season (and not during an active season)

Note: All cash amounts are in USD—payout via PayPal or iTunes/GooglePlay Gift Cards (whichever is easiest)

#HMRSBRAWL Player Eligibility Requirements

  • Player must be in a Hammers Club for at least one full season before being able to participate for the next season—this will be referred to as a player registration period—please contact Club leadership for more information.
    • For example, if you join on the first day of a new season you must wait until next season to be eligible.
  • During these seasonal leaderboard push challenges, players must be in contiguous daily attendance of your Hammers Club the entire season, including the registration period unless an exception is otherwise granted by the President of your club.
    • If a player leaves in the middle of a season the rewards are passed on to the next eligible Hammers member (if applicable) and the leaving player must wait through the registration period process again.
  • #HMRSBRAWL Pro/Contract Players are eligible to push for these rewards as additional bonuses to their existing benefits.
  • Eligibility requirements are subject to change for the next season (and not during an active season) 

For more information, please feel free to register and join the official Hammers Brawl Stars discord ( to ask about the seasonal leaderboard rewards! Good luck, brawlers, and see you in the Top 10! #HAMMERTIME