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Welcome to The Forge League!

Welcome to the Forge!

Join and prepare for the premier league where heroes are made and stars are born! In partnership with Omlet Arcade and Hammers Esports, the Forge League was created to begin and continue the neverending search for new talent followed by the ultimate test: a battle against the pros for even more cash prizes! The inaugural first season and production of The Forge League will highlight the amazing arena brawler currently sweeping the mobile gaming world: Brawl Stars! How can the world be involved you say? Check out the details of Season One below!

The Forge League: Season One - The Colt Cup

Thanks to the wonderful people at Omlet Arcade, all Brawl Stars players around the world are able to register and qualify for The Forge League (TFL) Season One: The Colt Cup. Make sure you read up on all the the minimum requirements for Omlet Streamers and Pro teams below before joining in on the season ahead!

The Search for Sixteen - Top 16 (ongoing til 11:59PM EST January 7th, 2019)

  1. Sign up and setup your Omlet account! Optionally connect your Twitch, Facebook and Youtube to automatically restream to those platforms.
  2. Join The Forge League event on Omlet Arcade—read the additional information and follow ‘theforgeleague’ on Omlet Arcade!
  3. Livestream Brawl Stars via the Omlet Arcade app! Optionally use the hashtag #theforgeleague in your streams to make it easier for your friends and fans to find you. Make sure your stream titles and panels on alternative platforms point your audience to your Omlet Arcade profile (for example, link:
  4. Get social! Tweet and share your Omlet Stream across all of your social communities (Twitter, Discord, etc.) with #theforgeleague and make sure people follow your streams! This is very important because...
  5. You can track your stream’s progress on the TFL event leaderboards—remember that you’ll need to be in the Top 16 on this chart by the end of the qualifying event!
  6. Hit a Minimum 3000 Trophies within Brawl Stars—it’ll be a tough road ahead!

Qualifying for this event makes you a Streamer Captain going forward, so search for talent around you, team up with your friends, and find that synergy to push! Remember, we’ll be rooting for you during your Omlet streams!

Note: There are no roster locks for this event as long as the streamer remains as an Omlet Streamer Captain! Make friends, take advantage of all the incredible talent around you and make your winningest league team for the road ahead!

The Colt Cup - General Format, Prizepool, Point System, and Heats

The Top 16 Streamer Captains will be pre-selected by Omlet Arcade admins and fed into The Colt Cup (cross-referenced by the minimum requirements above and the stream leaderboards for the event). Stream Captains qualify and go on to play in The Forge League Brawl Stars, Season One: The Colt Cup. The Search for Sixteen ends January 8th, 2019 and all qualifying Streamer Captains must stream all their matches going forward in the season on their respective Omlet Arcade profiles.

  • Top 16 Streamer Captains will battle it out on livestream on the first-ever TFL production! Streamers will play in a traditional bracket Bo5, Single Elimination bracket system to find The Forged Four—the most battle-hardened Streamer Captain teams heading into the Colt Cup Heats against the Pros!
    • The Forged Four livestream will (tentatively) be on Saturday January 19th, 2019 @ 11AM PST.
    • Top 4 results in The Forged Four stake claim in the prizepool amount of $500 with a 50/25/15/10 split for Top 1-4 placement!
    • The Top 4 results in The Forged Four will automatically seed as #5, #6, #7, #8 entering the Colt Cup, Heat 1.
    • Season One: Colt Cup pre-seeded pro team rankings: Nova Esports (1), Tribe Gaming (2), Brawlzil Force (3), and Hammers (4).

The Colt Cup: Heat I

  • The Forged Four seeded teams face off against Pro teams in Colt Cup Heat I (Bo5, Single-Elimination) and all teams (including pro teams) earn Colt Cup points based on bracket rankings at the end of the tournament heat.
    • The Colt Cup: Heat I livestream will (tentatively) be on Saturday February 2nd, 2019 @ 11AM PST.
    • Colt Cup: Heat I point values are determined by tournament placement: 1st (8pts), 2nd (6pts), 3rd (4pts), 4th (2pts), 5th-8th (1pt).
    • Seeding results for Colt Cup: Heat 2 will be determined by point placement in Heat 1.

The Colt Cup: Heat II

  • The Forged Four seeded teams face off against Pro teams again in Colt Cup Heat II (Bo5, Single-Elimination) and earn higher value Colt Cup points based on bracket rankings at the end of the tournament heat. This means ANY team can comeback from a deficit and land in the final four Colt Cup Grand Championships!
    • The Colt Cup: Heat II livestream will (tentatively) be on Saturday February 9th, 2019 @ 11AM PST.
    • Colt Cup: Heat II point values are determined by tournament placement: 1st (10pts), 2nd (8pts), 3rd (6pts), 4th (4pts), 5th-8th (2pts).
    • Seeding results for the Colt Cup: Grand Championships will be determined by combined point values from Colt Cup Heat I and Heat II.
    • Any tie-breaking scenarios will be determined by an online Bo1 match between any tied teams officiated and spectated by a TFL administrator. If more than one team is tied in points, random seeding will be determined between the teams, and online mini-tournament series (Bo1 format) will take place to determine final point standings. Tiebreaker games will be livestreamed (TBD) before the Grand Championships.

The Colt Cup: Grand Championships

The Forge League - Season One culminates with The Colt Cup: Grand Championships! Making it this far is an incredible testament of your skill amongst the remaining Streamer Captains and Pro Brawl Star teams left standing. Remember that Streamer Captains have the ability to use every available resource to make it here (including asking the help of other pros to be teammates).

  • The remaining Top 4 seeded teams face off against each other in a Bo5 Semi-Finals, Bo5 3rd place match and Bo7 Grand Finals!
    • The Colt Cup: Grand Championship livestream will (tentatively) be on Saturday February 23rd, 2019 @ 11AM PST.
    • Semi-Finals (Bo5): S1vS4, S2vS3
    • 3rd Place Match (Bo5): Loser of S1vS4 versus Loser of S2vS3
    • Grand Finals (Bo7): Winner of S1vS4 versus Winner of S2vS3
    • The Top 4 results in The Colt Cup: Grand Championship stake claim in the prizepool amount of $1000 with a 50/25/15/10 split for Top 1-4 placement!

Important Information and Resources

The Forge League’s Season One: The Colt Cup is just the beginning! Even if you’ve missed out on the season or didn’t qualify within the Search for Sixteen (or would like your pro team represented in the future), you’ll want to stay connect with us to learn more about upcoming events!

General Information

  • Each TFL Season will be approximately 4-6 Weeks starting with the production of The Forged Four and onward through the Grand Championships. Stay tuned for the next season details!
  • Follow @TheForgeLeague and @OmletArcade on Twitter and join the official TFL Discord to stay up-to-date on seasonal news, streams, and bonus events!
  • Official tournament streams will always be on though you’re welcome to watch the stream on our other official channels: Twitch, Youtube, Facebook (Note: Grand Championships will be exclusively streamed on our official Omlet Arcade channel).
  • Official rules and minimum streamer or team requirements are subject to change (and will be announced as soon as possible by TFL administration and Omlet Arcade).
  • Please read the official TFL Rules & Regulations for more information (you agree to acknowledge these rules by being a competitor in any TFL event).

See you in the arena, Brawlers!
-The Forge League