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The Streamer 16 have been found!

The search for the Streamer Sixteen has ended and officially announced across Omlet Arcade and our social networks! Just to make sure you can follow each of them, we've got more in-depth information on who to expect in the $500 tournament ahead: The Forged Four! Remember that the Streamer Sixteen Captains are able to flex their roster between now until the end of Season One so their ability to create and manage their teams will certainly help in their journey to claim a part of the $1500 total prizepool of The Colt Cup!

Presenting the Streamer Sixteen* by Omlet Arcade: Omlet Username | LANGUAGE/REGION | Twitter (if applicable):

  1. locomatutirx | ES |
  2. dany_brawler | ES |
  3. anthonypesadoyt | ES |
  4. justin_n_n | EN | ---
  5. dahozia_ | EN |
  6. kashkash2 | EN |
  7. kaptainapolo | ES |
  8. blueknight1928 | EN |
  9. biolestrange | ES |
  10. Swan789 | EN | ---
  11. alexfolk2000 | ES | ---
  12. jessy190 | BR | ---
  13. hmrs_occam | EN |
  14. porterthegreat | EN |
  15. mschulababy | EN |
  16. grimwolfe | EN |

*The Streamer Sixteen were chosen by the following criteria (in no particular order) against their real stream time of Brawl Stars¬†on Omlet Arcade during the event challenge: Trophy Count (Minimum of 3000), Brawl Stars-specific stream heat and their placement on the regional leaderboards (language/region). Qualified streamer selection was provided by Omlet Arcade to The Forge League. Minimum trophy requirement for Season One is enforced due to the quality of gameplay ahead‚ÄĒespecially versus¬†the pros! This requirement will likely be raised for Season 2 and onward. Read the original event description on Omlet Arcade, here.

Just to preview, the Streamer Sixteen will be seeded according to each Streamer Captain's trophy count and will face off against each other in The Forged Four next weekend. The Top 4 Streamer Captains remaining will then face off against Nova Esports, Tribe Gaming, Brawlzil Force and Hammers Esports in the Colt Cup heats! Don't worry if you didn't make the list for Season One! Season Two is just around the corner and every cycle of The Forge League is tentatively scheduled every 4-6 weeks from the beginning of the The Forged Four (which could be '8' next season).

If you're one of the qualified Streamer Sixteen above, congratulations! There are a few more resources (found on discord) that are required for complete participation in the weeks ahead especially if you want to prepare for the tournament format, live stream times, and your competition! Join us on our official discord, ask for player registration information and make sure you understand all the rules.

See you in the arena, Brawlers!