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HAMMERSJET Tournament Retrospective

BigKingL on the Tribe Tournament and Armajet Community Growth

Looking back at the results of the latest community tournament, we talk to BigKingL from HAMMERS6 for a retrospective on tournament results, what he’s looking forward to with Armajet’s community growth, and a sneak peek into Update 1.4 which was dropped on the latest official Dev Stream.

HAMMERSJET: First Armajet tourney of 2019! Hammers Esports came in 2nd losing 4-2 to an aspiring ‘Skyrose Gaming’ team in the Bo7 finals—any reflections on the results?

BigKingL: The [Skyrose] team had incredible momentum going into the finals and had great practice matches in the lower bracket leading up to the championships--they should be commended taking 1st place! HAMMERS6 were missing 3 members for the weekend which led to a harder matchup for us. This deficit combined with not being able to high-level scrim throughout the tournament was the likely cause of our defeat (we assume all the teams were prepping or watching the tournament of course!) As for my feelings about it, in the long run, I’m actually happy with the result. Our team has chosen to use the 2500 Paragon prize towards Hammers Casual tourneys which will benefit the HAMMERSJET division in the long run.

HAMMERSJET: You’ve observed a flood of new players in-game and on the official Armajet discord server—What are your thoughts on the expanding competitive community within Armajet?

BigKingL: I’m excited to see the competitive community growing pretty quickly! Teams like Skyrose are beginning their origin stories with Armajet and have capable management to run coaching, scouting and analyst work. Even so, the competitive community at large will still be facing an uphill battle versus a few experienced ‘superpowers’ like HAMMERS6 (if we say so ourselves?!) but I’m very open to welcoming in new players and even streaming tips and tricks on a regular basis to help grow the community. 

HAMMERSJET: Tell us about your ideal tournament format and could we be seeing HAMMERSJET putting on a show? 

BigKingL: We 100% need to create our own tourney! So far none of them has done tournaments completely to “spec” (as BigKingL references the RLCS Season 6 Finals format - see graphic). In a double elimination tournament, for instance, a “bracket reset” occurred for Team Dignitas who ran undefeated through the Upper Bracket (ultimately they still lost though!) As we speak, Scorpia Partners had just announced a tournament reboot… maybe they’ve taken note of the past tournaments. The team and I are looking forward to competing in their tournaments too!!

RLCS6 format, featuring bracket reset for undefeated upper bracket team [Dignitas]

BigKingL currently serves as an IGL for HAMMERS6. He also runs cross-analyses on plays and Armajet in-game mechanics for the squad. Catch BigKingL’s streams where he loves to share information with the rest of the community. Thanks for sharing BigKingL!

Armajet Update 1.4 Excitement

Freshly announced on Friday’s (1/18/19) official Armajet Dev Stream, Update 1.4 seems to be shaking up the current Armajet meta with some key takeaways: Player Shoot-through, 3-minute rounds and a 30 Kill Cap, and the fix (hopefully!) of the really, really… really bad bots! We could be seeing even more aggressive team compositions coming (with off-meta weapons like Ripper or Havoc) coming strongly into play in the next few weeks. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to get our hands on Armajet Update 1.4 to see what we come up with in the skies!