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HAMMERSJET IS Looking for creators

Pilots, the new word in the skies is that HAMMERSJET (the Armajet division of Hammers Esports) is opening its hangar doors to its 2019 HAMMERSJET Creators Program! We are looking for vastly driven Creators to propel their Armajet content to the next level. With the prospect of Armajet’s global launch seemingly around the corner, combined with a mass influx of players for even more insane jetpack deathmatch action, opportunities to grow as a content creator is limitless! HAMMERSJET is going big on content creation this year and you could be here to reap the rewards!


The three pillars of the HAMMERSJET community are our Competitive, Casual, and our new Creator community! We’ve had a long and very successful jetpack flight history with Armajet dating back to the early days of alpha testing. Over the span of almost three years, we were also the first flight crew to debut full-on weapon reviews and epic montages to a relatively new style of game: the mobile platform shooter. Our focus quickly shifted to building a steadfast casual community as Super Bit Machine (developers of Armajet) continued updating and improving the game; as such we continued to groom our competitive side to form the basis of HAMMERS6 (see our historical accolades below). Now that HAMMERS6 is complete, we are even more determined than ever to push our Creators and grow alongside the Hammers Creators!


Meet Maejestik and HDee, our Creators team leaders consistently establishing themselves as prominent Armajet content creators! As they establish and grow their content foundations, they’re looking for other passionate Pilots to support and grow as they expand their content strategy. As more and more features are being released in each update, Creators are now forming different types of HAMMERSJET content… even production of our own Armajet tournaments is possible! As a member of our Creators team, you will find yourself surrounded by creative minds alike to help you reach the skies!


We’ve come up with plenty of ways to help rocket-power your content. Check out some of the incentives of Creator membership below as just a small taste of what is to be expected from the HAMMERSJET flight crew:

  • Creative freedom and content scheduling—join the HAMMERSJET content creation workshop channel for ideas and content collaborations
  • Represent Hammers Creators in and outside of Armajet with customized profile pictures, discounts on Hammers Esports merch, and membership in the Hammers Creators clan
  • Access to Hammers Esports brand intro videos, stream kits & other cool Hammers Esports assets
  • Video & VOD thumbnails upon request from the official Hammers Esports art division
  • Social media support to help you grow and more!

Download the complete list of perks and benefits for more information.


If you believe you’ve got what it takes to join the Hammers Creators, you’ve come to the right place! Fill out the application form at and make sure you mention that you’re all about flying the Armajet skies! We assess and take all applications very seriously and will (hopefully) announce you to the public if you qualify when you join our wonderful community! 

Aside from everyday content creation, the Hammers Creators overall also has an eye for up-and-coming talent in all fields of gaming, whether it be editorial, graphic design or other important content creation skills. Please inquire about the possibilities through


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