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The Colt Cup Heat I Results

TFL's Heat Format Overview:

  • The Forged Four seeded teams face off against Pro teams in Colt Cup Heat I (Bo5, Single-Elimination) and all teams (including pro teams) earn Colt Cup points based on bracket rankings at the end of the tournament heat.
  • Colt Cup: Heat 1 point values are determined by tournament placement: 1st (8pts), 2nd (6pts), 3rd (4pts), 4th (2pts), 5th-8th (1pt).
  • Seeding results for Colt Cup: Heat 2 will be determined by point placement in Heat 1. In Heat 2 the same teams from Heat 1 face off again but this time the stakes are higher.
  • Colt Cup Heat 2 values are: 1st (10pts), 2nd (8pts), 3rd (6pts), 4th (4pts), 5th-8th (2pts).
  • To advance to the Grand Championships of The Forge League teams must be one of the 4 teams with the highest total points from Heat 1 and 2.

Reviewing Heat I Results:

Heat I of TFL was an amazing success! Nova Esports led by Cori came out on top after beating Cream Esports 3-1 in the grand finals. Nova astonishingly only lost one match throughout the entire tournament series. Arguably the best series was Hammers Esports vs Cream Esports in a series that went the distance. Hammers came back from a 2-0 deficit and just narrowly lost the 5th and final match in a Gem Grab going over 20 gems. There was also a tie for the MVPs of the tournament (MVPs are chosen by players with the most number of star players per game). Demise from Nova and Jack_Sly :D from Tribe Gaming. Unfortunately, we missed a team appearance from Brawlzil as there was a freak storm in Brazil cutting internet connections throughout the country. Due to this, BrawlZil Force was not able to compete in the tournament today and automatically take 8th seed going into Heat II. We know they'll want to come back strong for Heat 2--their tournament lives depend on it!

Heat I Bracket Road:


Heat I Moob Meter Results!

Surprisingly the Moob Meter was wrong for Heat I (boo!). MightyMoob predicted that Tribe Gaming would finish 1st, Hammers Esports 2nd, Nova Esports 3rd, and Apolo’s team 4th in the Colt Cup Heat 1! But as seen in the bracket above, Nova actually finished 1st, Cream eSports 2nd, Tribe Gaming 3rd, and Apolo’s team 4th. But unlike in the Forged Four production this time the majority of the voters voted against MightyMoob and were shockingly correct. 56% disagreed with MightyMoob’s predictions while 44% agreed. The Moob Meter will be up and running again next Friday. But we’ll have a sneak preview on the predictions below so make sure to keep reading. Check on @TheBeardedMoob and vote on his predictions for Heat II on Friday and Saturday during the production.


The Forge League: Razer Giveaways

RAZER has partnered with The Forge League to do a giveaway for each production of Season One of TFL. Congrats to SuperSai one of Nova Esports' starters for winning the on-stream giveaway for Hammerhead USB-C Headphones. Make sure to tune in for Heat 2 of TFL next Saturday to win the second on-stream Razer giveaway. Remember that only viewers that react to the social media posts get a chance to win these giveaways on stream LIVE!


Heat II Bracket Road:

image0 (2).jpg

Heat II Moob Meter Predictions:

This weekend, MightyMoob predicts the Top 4 of Heat II to be Nova Esports, Hammers Esports, Cream Esports, and Tribe Gaming. Will he be right this week? Will these Top 4 teams gain enough points to guaranteee a spot in the Colt Cup Championships? Find out soon!



  • Tune in for Heat II of The Colt Cup: on February 15th, 2019 at 11AM PST.
  • Make sure to vote on Heat II’s Moob Meter!
  • Follow @TheForgeLeague on twitter for more info on TFL, Season 2 Sign-ups and stream giveaways!