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Welcome to Hammers AMMO_PUBGM!

Bringing more Ammo to the #HAMFAM

We're incredibly excited to welcome Ammo to the #HAMFAM! Hammers Esports are about to get even more involved with the PUBG Mobile scene in general and the addition of a mobile gaming veteran (literally) who continues to run THE PGT (The PUBGM Global Tournament) couldn't come at a better time. Ammo's passion to run "Hardcore Mode" tournaments and expanding them to the pro scene as part of a scrim circuit is something that we can get behind and support, too! During an interview, we got to know our premiere pubgm content creator from down under a bit more...

The thin between competitive and pros

When asked about his outlook on the future of PUBG Mobile and the competitive scene, Ammo's responses hit the nail on the head:

"I remember when PUBG Mobile first released one could tell the difference between the beginner players and the pro players. As a streamer/commentator I now see majority of players generally having an overall understanding of how to rotate, when to push and when to move. I feel the overall level of competition is definetly on a more level playing field and some highly competitive players just need an extra push to get there." --Ammo

We agree! With so many competitive events being scheduled weekly, it's only a matter of time before talent (new and old) face each other on the map.

Mobile Gaming Passion with the #HAMFAM

Not many times do we come across someone with this much passion about the mobile gaming industry and the addition of Ammo to the Hammers Esports content creation team will be apparent very soon.

"I'm most excited about the #HAMFAM because the Hammers Esports brand has been around since before I can remember [even before Omlet Arcade], which tells me the #HAMFAM has a great and positive community! It's exciting to be able to stand with the brand and the Hammer name! I'll do my best to represent the #HAMFAM with the utmost professionalism." --Ammo

We hear you loud and clear, Ammo! It's #HAMMERTIME and we've got work to do.

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