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The Colt Cup: Heat 2 Overview

On February 16th, 2019 @ 11AM PST the Top 4 'Best Teams' of the Colt Cup Heats were found through intense gameplay. Nova Esports receives top marks through this season; losing only two games and clinching the first place seed entering the championships this weekend! Let's explain the brief rules and regulations for the Colt Cup Heats:

  • The Forged Four (our streamer teams from Omlet Arcade) seeded teams face off against Pro teams in Colt Cup Heat I (Bo5, Single-Elimination) and all teams (including pro teams) earn Colt Cup points based on bracket rankings at the end of the tournament heat.
  •  Colt Cup: Heat 1 point values are determined by tournament placement: 1st (8pts), 2nd (6pts), 3rd (4pts), 4th (2pts), 5th-8th (1pt).
  • Seeding results for Colt Cup: Heat 2 will be determined by point placement in Heat 1. In Heat 2 the same teams from Heat 1 face off again but this time the stakes are higher.
  • Colt Cup Heat 2 values are: 1st (10pts), 2nd (8pts), 3rd (6pts), 4th (4pts), 5th-8th (2pts).
  • To advance to the Grand Championships of The Forge League teams must be one of the 4 teams with the highest total points from Heat 1 and 2.

Given that the stakes were even higher this week for points, Nova Esports takes a commanding lead through the season. Will it be enough to walk away with the lion's share of $1000 next week? Let's find out!

Heat 2 Results: #NOVASTRONG

In a word, Heat 2 of The Forge League can be described as calculated. Due to unforeseeable circumstances that could not be prevented by respective team captains, 3 teams were unable to continue forward. But even with this travesty, the Top 5 seeded teams from Heat 1 stepped up to the challenge--some say they were even meant to advance. With only Nova Esports, Cream Esports, Tribe Gaming, Apolo's Team and Hammers Esports remaining, the Colt Cup Heat 2 began with Hammers vs. Apolo's Team. Hammers needed the points from this matchup to advance into the Semi Finals (and even more so to be accepted into the Top 4 heading to the Grand Championships). With a clean 3-0 sweep of Apolo's Team, Hammers narrowly overtakes Apolo's Team in points (5-4) due to the elevated point structure of Heat 2. Nova then sweeps Hammers 3-0 and cream swiftly takes out Tribe 3-0. Tribe then took it to the #HAMFAM 3-0 in the 3rd/4th place matches, clinching them a 3rd place finish in the heat.

Every single match in this week's tournament was a clean sweep, with the exception of the finals match displaying a 4 game series with Nova vs. Cream. An exceptional performance from Nova Esports from prior weeks not only guaranteed Nova Esports 1st seed for the Grand Championships...they walked into the finals with a 1st seed guarantee WIN OR LOSE. This is because their team had only lost ONE match in the entire tournament walking into the finals of Heat 2 (and only one match in Heat 1). Even if Cream Esports won the final match, it would be a TIE in number of points. The tiebreaker would then be the number of matches lost and with Nova losing much less than Cream (due to Cream going to 5 against Hammers in Heat 1) Nova easily takes 1st seed! Hopefully Nova can carry this momentum into the Grand Championships though it should be noted... Nova Esports has only lost to Cream Esports during this entire season. Could there be a David and Goliath story this weekend? We shall see!

Note: Cream Esports is the only Omlet streamer team remaining and have proven themselves to be an amazing Brawl Stars organization.



Another RAZER Hammerhead USB-C giveaway is tied to the glorious Moob Meter prediction tweets for this weekend (and Mightymoob was right this time, see?!). Watch out for an extra special announcement too!

Congratulations to 'Novse' for winning the second Razer headset giveaway for Season One of The Forge League. The giveaway for the Grand Championships will be on stream right after the Tribe Gaming vs. Cream Esports match. As always, make sure to watch the stream and check the @theforgeleague twitter frequently to be eligible to win!



The Grand Championships will be this Saturday, February 23rd, at 11:00AM PST. The stakes are high and all the matches are money matches! Stay tuned for an announcement on stream for Season 2 Qualifiers including the new season format, raised minimum trophy counts and even more teams to face off for cash prizes! Here's our latest point leaderboards for the teams that qualified for The Grand Champs with combined points from Heat 1 and 2:


We'll be seeing fireworks as we start of the Grand Championships with Nova Esports (1) takes on Hammers Esports (4) and Cream Esports (2) takes on Tribe Gaming (3) in the Semi Finals!


  • Tune in for Heat II of The Colt Cup: Grand Championships on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at 11AM PST.
  • Make sure to vote on the Grand Championship Moob Meter by Friday the 22nd!
  • Follow @TheForgeLeague on twitter for more info on TFL, Season 2 Sign-ups and stream giveaways!
  • Start gearing up for Season 2 of The Forge League -- more info to come soon (Hint: Becoming a streamer on Omlet is a plus!)