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Looking back on the Season One: The Colt Cup

On January 19, 2019 the Forged Four were determined through an intense gauntlet of high-level gameplay. 16 Streamer Captains from the Omlet Arcade leaderboards qualified into the event and only the Top 4 - the Forged Four - came out victorious to move forward in the season. These Streamer Captains created their very own teams from friends and organizations, battling it out against each other for a $500 streamer prizepool... only 4 Captains were able to advance into the next phase of the tournament.

At the end of the day Cream Esports led by Omlet Streamer Captain Dany came out on top! Astonishingly Cream Esports only took 2 losses throughout the whole tournament. In Second place came Apoloā€™s Team led by KaptainApolo who was outmaneuvered by Cream in the finals. Third place goes to Team Mystic led by DahoziA and fourth went to The Smurfs led by Hammers' very own Occam.

Heat 1: Omlet Team Showdown vs. the Pros

Heat 1 of TFL was a great success! Nova Esports led by Cori came out on top after beating Cream Esports 3-1 in the finals. Nova astonishingly only lost one match throughout the entire tournament. There was also a tie for the MVPs of the tournament. MVPs were chosen by players with the most number of star players. This went to Demise from Nova and Jack_Sly :D from Tribe Gaming. Unfortunately, there was a freak storm in Brazil cutting connection throughout the country on the day of Heat 1. Due to this, BrawlZil Force was unable to participate. Nova came out of Heat 1 charging ahead in points having only lost one match to Cream Esports.

Heat 2: Elimination Week

In a word, Heat 2 of The Forge League can be described as sheer domination. The Colt Cup Heat 2 began with Hammers vs. Apolo's Team and Hammers desperately needed the points from this matchup to advance into the Semi Finals (and even more so to be accepted into the Top 4 heading to the Grand Championships). With a clean 3-0 sweep of Apolo's Team, Hammers narrowly overtakes Apolo's Team in points (5-4) due to the elevated point structure of Heat 2! Nova then sweeps Hammers 3-0 and Cream swiftly takes out Tribe 3-0. Tribe then took it to the #HAMFAM 3-0 in the 3rd/4th place matches, clinching them a 3rd place finish in the heat -- there were a ton of "3-0" series' in Heat 2! Every single match in this week's tournament was a clean sweep, with the exception of the finals match displaying a 4 game series with Nova vs. Cream... Cream again being the only team to defeat Nova at any point in this tournament.

An exceptional performance from Nova Esports from prior weeks not only guaranteed Nova Esports 1st seed for the Grand Championships...they walked into the finals with a 1st seed guarantee WIN OR LOSE!Ā This is because their team had only lost ONE match in the entire tournament walking into the finals of Heat 2 (and only one match in Heat 1). Even if Cream Esports won the final match, it would be a tieĀ in number of points. The tiebreaker would then be the number of matches lost and with Nova losing much less than Cream (due to Cream going to 5 against Hammers in Heat 1) Nova easily tookĀ 1st seed! This was the perfect set up for a David vs. Goliath story in the Championships...

Note: Cream Esports was the only Omlet Arcade originating streamer team remaining and have proven themselves to be an amazing Brawl Stars organization.

Colt Cup Championships

The Colt Cup Grand Championships were amazing and likely containedĀ one of the biggest Brawl Stars upsets ever... even the glorious MoobMeter was wrong!Ā AnĀ amazing performance by both teams left our spectators and casters in awe as Cream and Nova brawled their hearts out as the championship series was taken all the way to theĀ 7th and final game! Cream Esports finally found the key to winning against Nova in Heist game mode maps (where their victories were swift), especially in the last map (Twist and Shoot)Ā where it counted the most, defeating Nova Esports in theĀ Grand Championships 4-3!

Official standings of the Colt Cup Championships with prizepool breakdown:

  • 1st Place: Cream Esports ($500)
  • 2nd Place: Nova Esports ($250)
  • 3rd Place: Tribe Gaming ($150)
  • 4th Place: Hammers Esports ($100)

Congratulations to Cream Esportsā€”the victors of the inaugural Season One of The Forge League's 'Colt Cup' Brawl Stars series!Ā And another special thanksĀ to every team that played during Season 1 especially the streamer teams that qualified through the Omlet Arcade Streamer 16 series! Look forward to more from The Forge League for Season 2!