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All-new format, more teams, and the biggest TFL Brawl Stars prizepool yet!

Welcome to The Forge League Season 2: The Shelly Cup! This season we're featuring more pro teams, more streamer teams, and an incredible $10000 prizepool that includes a traditional main event cash prize, Omlet Arcade tokens and a chance to be sponsored by Omlet Arcade based on your performance. Every team walks away with prizes, but which teams can take home the most in Season 2? We're extremely excited to find out!

If you missed the INSANE action in TFL Season 1: The Colt Cup, check out the season recap, here!

"The Shelly Cup Road" Qualifying Format

In the usual TFL tournament fashion, we kick off the event with a streamer "discovery week" on Omlet Arcade. If you haven't qualified for Season 2 through our previously grueling Season 1 OR haven't yet been officially invited by TFL admins for participation in Season 2 (teams have been finalized but will be announced ASAP), then you (or your team's future captain) will need to qualify through the Omlet Arcade Brawl Stars streaming leaderboards! Keep in mind, the Omlet streamer leaderboards will only be tracking your Brawl Stars gameplay‚ÄĒdon't forget to lean on your community to help your stream heat ranking! The Shelly Cup Road starts with...


  • Livestream only Brawl Stars on Omlet Arcade (or risk disqualification for mislabeled streams)
  • Have a Minimum 7000 trophy count (this season's competition is incredibly fierce...)
  • Land in the Top 8 once the Omlet Arcade leaderboards are finalized (the running date of Discovery Week will be announced by Omlet Arcade and we'll send reminders to the community frequently‚ÄĒmake sure to follow us on social media!)
  • Get your team's community involved on your streams!

Omlet Leaderboard Update: The event is broadcast and joinable in three language regions: English, Spanish and Portuguese with the Top 8 selection process split 4-2-2, respectively. Should the Top 2 streamers in Portuguese be unable to reach the Minimum 7000 trophy requirements, Omlet Arcade will select from the Top 1-10 down in this specific region. Should Omlet Arcade be unable to field a viable player within the Top 10, the remaining 2 slots will continue in an extended search within the Spanish leaderboard region resulting in a Top 4 English and Top 4 Spanish streamer talent search. Additionally, should the search in the Spanish region (after Top 10) result in any streamer talent unable to be fielded for the event, the search will be limited to the English region only.


  • Groups: Shelly (A), Poco (B), Bull (C) and Frank (D) are pre-seeded from Season 1 team results and Season 2's four¬†invited teams. Shelly and Poco groups will be broadcast over Weekend 1. Bull and Frank groups will be broadcast over Weekend 2 (to be determined).
  • Season 1's #1 seed¬†Cream Esports¬†heads the Shelly Group, #2 seed Nova Esports heads the Poco group, #3 seed Tribe Gaming heads the Bull group and #4 seed Hammers Esports heads the Frank group.
  • The last two slots in each Round Robin group are reserved for the 'Forged 8' leaderboard qualifying Omlet streamer teams and will be randomized via lottery LIVE in our Discord channel on a date TBD.
  • Each group will have two 'Pro' teams and two 'Streamer Teams'
  • Each team will play each other once¬†in a Best of 5 series for a 'Win' result (Note:¬†Admins will determine any tiebreaking scenarios by¬†referencing¬†a team's historical win record vs. the other teams¬†in question‚ÄĒthe winner of a previous matchup advances)
  • Only the Top 2 teams with the best win record¬†from each group advance to the Round of 8 (Quarterfinals) Main Event!
  • Two groups of the¬†Group Stage Robin will be hosted and casted by FullFrontage and Doing Life Gaming each on the official Omlet Arcade channel on dates TBD and announced ASAP.


  • Weekend 3: Top 2 teams from the Round Robin Group Stage are seeded accordingly in the Round of 8: #1Av#2D, #1Bv#2C,¬†#1Cv#2B, and¬†#1Dv#2A¬†in a Single Elimination Best of 5 Series.
  • Weekend 4: The Top 4 remaining teams will head into the Semi-Finals bracket with Winner of¬†#1Av#2D¬†versus¬†Winner of¬†#1Bv#2C versus and¬†Winner of¬†#1Cv#2B versus¬†Winner of¬†#1Dv#2A which will determine the 3rd/4th place matchup and the teams advancing to the Grand Championships!
  • 3rd/4th place matchups will be a Best of 5 Series.
  • Grand Championships will be a grueling Best of 7 Series and the¬†shot at claiming¬†the Season 2 Champion title!


Season Two Prizepool Breakdown (Did we mention it being $10000?)

Everyone wins in TFL's Season 2: Shelly Cup! The only difference is... by how much? The stakes are higher so let's take a look at the prizepool breakdown and what teams have in store:

1) $2500 of OMLET TOKENS

  • All 16 teams who've qualified for the Round Robin Group Stage are eligible to obtain their $2500 value split of Omlet Tokens (OTs) that will be redeemable for cash in the future! In the meantime, streamers are able to use Omlet tokens to add overlays, "buffs" and interact with their stream communities on Omlet Arcade! Share the #EGGCHAMP love with fellow streamers by using Omlet Tokens!
  • Tokens will be distributed according to win record placement in each Round Robin Group (~47000 Omlet Tokens¬†per group): 1st Place team per group = 18000 OTs (or 6000 OTs per person), 2nd Place team per group = 15000 OTs (or 5000 OTs per person), 3rd Place team per group = 9000 OTs (or 3000 OTs per person), and¬†4th place team per group = 5100 OTs (or 1700 OTs per person).
  • Effectively $2500 worth of Omlet Token value!


  • $2500 are available for the Top 4 teams making it all the way to the Semi-finals bracket to be distributed by placement: 1st Place - $1250,¬†2nd Place - $625, 3rd Place - $375, and 4th Place - $250.


We absolutely¬†love¬†that this team sponsorship package exists and truly rewards teams and participants for their efforts in streaming and participating in the Shelly Cup! The¬†sponsorship extends well past the Shelly Cup‚ÄĒfor two months to be exact! Here's how the team sponsorship is broken down and why all Season 2 participants should be very excited to participate!

  • $2500 in team sponsorships are available for both the Top 3¬†teams placing in the Shelly Cup Championship¬†and¬†the Top 3 Omlet streamer teams based on their overall performance in the Group Stage and higher (a total of $5000 over the length of the team sponsorship contracts!)
    • Omlet streamer teams cannot win¬†both¬†sponsorships, for example, if an Omlet streamer team takes 1st place in the Grand Championships¬†and two invited teams take 2nd and 3rd place, the second and third best performing Omlet streamer teams are eligible to obtain team sponsorships. Likewise, the third best performing pre-invited team is eligible to obtain a team sponsorship for a total of six eligible teams.
  • At $1250 per month for two months, the split for each set of teams is $600, $400, and $250 for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place, respectively.

Note: Any tiebreak situations will result in TFL administration referencing historical match records and/or running an officiated single Best of 5 series matchup to determine final sponsorship prize split among tied teams.


We'd like to give a¬†special shout out to RAZER for joining us again for Season 2! Remember to join these giveways every time you see a Moobmeter prediction giveaway. These giveaways and prizes will always be announced on @theforgeleague close to production days‚ÄĒmake sure you reply to these tweets and follow the instructions to eligible to win these viewer giveaways.


  • Stay tuned for the official Season 2 announcement start by Omlet Arcade‚ÄĒonce you see the 'Forged 8' event pop-up in the Omlet app, get to streaming and share your streams with the community to begin ranking!
  • Stream Brawl Stars within the limited timespan of the 'Forged 8' event (usually a week or more) if you're sharing on social media, don't forget to tag us (@theforgeleague) so we can RT and share your stream!
  • Weekends 1-4 will be announced shortly after the Forged 8 streamer teams are found.
  • The Official Season 2: The Shelly Cup Rulebook (including game modes and map rotations) will be published soon!
  • Follow us on Omlet Arcade, Twitter, and join the TFL Discord¬†to stay notified of any Season 2 news, updates, and special announcements!

Good luck and see you in the arena, Brawlers!