Imposter Kill Strats for Among Us

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Let's dive right in. You should know how to play Among Us by now.

Stacked Kill


Ever find yourself in a situation where everyone is running around in a pack? “How am I supposed to kill anything if everyone is together!?!”, you think to yourself. Well, here’s one way. Hit the Sabotage button and make your way over to the emergency. You want to arrive right after the first person. Stick to the walls so you walk slower if you need to. Everyone is going to pack in. Don’t fix the sabotage. Work your way so you’re behind everyone. You have to do all of this extremely fast. Hit the kill button and don’t move. Someone will immediately report the body, but no one will know who it was because your body will be hidden behind everyone else's. 

Here, the imposter killed from the shadows, but you get the idea.

Doubling Back


Sometimes it’s simply easy to kill a straggler. Not gonna lie, it can be risky. All you have to do is run with everyone else. Let them all enter a room, keep running past the door so they think you’re still going in that direction, and then double back and find someone alone to kill nearby. If you don’t find them fast enough, then abort the mission. The idea is you get a kill while people are busy with their tasks. After the kill, don’t run back in the same direction everyone is. Go in the opposite direction this time. You don’t want them to see you coming from a dead body when they thought you were already past them, do you?

Strategic Victims


Try to kill off the most vocal people first. Anyone who's been thinking about you too much. Anyone who people know is safe. The reason you want to kill people who everyone knows are safe already is because you don’t want them chiming in and calling you out. They serve no purpose to you in chats now except to figure you out. Everyone else, on the other hand, are potential imposters for you to frame.

A Good Sabotage Kill


Lights. This works best in the first and second maps. The smart way to do it is that you don’t want to be near the lights at all. You want to be near a vent that connects to Electrical. You don’t want anyone to see you right by the lights because then you’ll be a suspect. The first person who reports the body will be the first suspect. Vent to electrical, kill the first person who arrives before they can turn the lights on, and then run away back to the vent. Vent to another room and try to create an alibi for yourself.

Reactor Psych-Out


The reactor has been sabotaged on the Polus map. Make your way over to the left reactor. You're with one other dude and people aren't coming. There are around 10 seconds left on the clock. Kill him. Run to the other side of the reactor and wait for someone to discover the body. Innocent ol' you was just tryna fix the reactor. You can also win the game with this strat. The reason why we are waiting for there to be 10 seconds left on the clock is because it takes 10 seconds to go from the right side to the left side of the reactors. By getting the kill at 10 seconds, you might win the game because no one could arrive at and fix the reactor or report the body in time.

Double Kill


First, make sure your partner has a brain. They seem like they know what they're doing in chat and in-game. If there are four of you in a room and one of them is the other imposter, kill right in front of him. The last victim will be confused as to why you just made this huge mistake - right before he gets knifed by your partner.

If you do a double kill, one of the best ideas is to then sabotage as far as possible from the murder scene. If you call a meeting after a sabotage, it’s less sus than if you call a meeting after a kill has happened. If you’re known for calling meetings to check for bodies, then it’s okay. It’s a little sus if you call a meeting and two people are dead though. People mess this strat up all the time and it’s hilarious to watch unfold.


I love being risky in games and feeling like I’m in danger. My favorite strat in Among Us is doubling back and anything to do with venting because I feel so sneaky! I’d say the double kill is pretty risky too, but the right conditions are very hard to come by. 

Happy Killing! Happy Murdering! Happy cereal killing! Happy breakfast killing! Don’t mind me, have a nice gaming life...

What’s your favorite imposter strat for Among Us?

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