Four Reasons Why New Mobile Gamers Should Play Armajet!

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Armajet is one of the smoothest playing shooters on mobile and is continuing to rise in the world of esports as well. It’s also one of the best mobile shooters to just pick up and play. Although many shooters allow for gamers to eventually be comfortable with them, you can easily get into Armajet right away.

It’s essentially a shoot-em’ up, third-person experience played on several bite-sized maps that are perfect for mobile gaming. Using the power of jetpacks, your goal is to blast your opponents and the jetpacks can be used to your advantage, replacing a standard jumping feature. 

As you play, you can unlock new characters and jetpack boosts to stylize your game. And every time you die, you can change your loadout, instead of waiting until after a match is over. This gives you a nice variety to work with. 

Here are four reasons why new mobile gamers should play Armajet!

Automatic Aim

One of the nice things about Armajet on mobile is that the aiming marker has a detector of sorts to it. In many shooters, it’s up to you to aim at your target yourself. Here, you just need to get close enough to an enemy. 

Once near, start firing away and you should connect. Of course, you will miss too, as opponents evade your attacks. That said, it takes a bit of stress off the shoulders not having to worry about where exactly to aim. 

Some shooting games have aim assists but aren’t as good as Armajet’s. Even with an aim assist in other games, they’ll require you to have some form of aiming skill. Here, you approach your foe, and like a heat-seeking missile, the crosshair will find them. 

This will lead to more kills, which will mean you will have more fun. All you need to do is worry about pressing that shoot button. 

Comfortable Camera Angle 

Armajet plays from a platformer-type camera angle, which can be easier on the eyes. Many of the top shooter games play from a first or third-person perspective, such as Call of Duty Mobile or Critical Ops. Although these are brilliant games, it may take a bit of time to get used to the perspective you’re playing from. 

There are no other directions to go besides left or right on the screen. It’s this straight forward nature in the game that adds to its accessibility. A game can be tough when you have blindsides to worry about, but there’s no need to here.

No Pay To Win 

One thing you’ll see in some games is that by spending money, you can improve your abilities and become more powerful.

You can launch right into the game and unlock packs as you progress. If you wish, you can spend money on unlocking more packs with a choice of the micro pack, buster pack, or megaton pack. The packs provide the pathway to unlocking more weapons. Everything else is purely cosmetic making for a level playing field and allowing you to focus on developing your skill whilst looking.

There are 14 ultimates that you can earn through packs, but again, these don’t necessarily give you an advantage because every player has one in-game. It’s just that each one is different and has its own effects. It’s all about how well a player utilizes them but at the end of the day, each one is equally great. 

Loadout Swaps 

OK so this might be for after you get through a few matches, but one of the cool things about Armajet is that you can change your loadout after each time you die. Now, of course, you want to avoid dying, but if you do, you’ll have an opportunity to switch things up. 

You have a few different loadouts to choose from and you can unlock more weapons via opening packs. This is good for new players because it allows them to experiment with different weapons during a game. 

There’s no practice mode or playable tutorial so getting a feel for the weapons in a match is the main way of doing so. Plus, it’s fun to mix it up sometimes too. Want to take a break from the assault rifle? Then go with a sniper for more accurate shots. Want more explosions? Then there’s a nice little launcher that you can use that lobs up a few shots at a time.

Overall, what makes Armajet good for those who are just picking up mobile shooters is the accessibility that it provides. From a really good aim assist feature (with or without the crosshair) to a range of weapons that are easy to pick up, the game offers a fair amount of simplicity. 

Yes, as with any video game, it can be tricky to master, but it allows you to hit the ground running. There’s no confusion or discomfort when you fire up the game. Two teams, one platformer-like map, and three load-outs are really it, aside from the signature jetpack feature which you use to fly around the map. 

If there is one shooter that is just as competitive as the others while being soothing for the touch of newer players, it’s Armajet.

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