PUBG Mobile 1.10: More fun, less space

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As usual, Tencent updated their popular game, PUBG Mobile, a few days ago. We’re used to seeing updates monthly, but this time they included a crossover, adding diversity to the game, changes in animation, balance in classic modes, and way more features. Let’s jump into the action, highlighting what you need to know the most. 

PUBG Mobile x Metro 

Bringing out new combat mechanics and fresh ways to experience PUBG, this crossover with the acclaimed Metro series arrives with 2 new maps based on Erangel-map adding elements like ruins, trenches, a bandit camp, a new underground world, and radiation zones. Also, adding a railcar vehicle and a brand-new weapon imported from Metro, the Tikhar Rifle. 

This isn’t enough for Tencent, as they bring even more attachments to the table. Such as Thermal Sight, Night Vision Scopes and goggles, Heavy Armor, and much more. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Drawbacks: Loot is low, cunning bandits, and special monsters appear to make your life harder in this more difficult survival mode.

To enter Metro Royale, tap into the metro tunnel in the Lobby. Once you’re in, you will have access to the Black Market where you can buy and sell supplies and equipment before entering any match. Looks the same as classic modes, but it’s a totally different experience. In this market, you can find exclusive weapons, mines, and items. Don’t forget to look at it and quiet that rage from losing classic matches. 

This collaboration includes a Loadout Inventory where you can save some items to carry out of the match once you have finished. This screen allows you to add more ammo and items, that could be useful inside the match, to your backpack before starting a new game in Metro Royale. You could also withdraw some items from the match and keep them for the future, just remember to save them inside the loadout inventory if you aren’t going to be using them soon. Be careful, use your items wisely, and don’t overload your backpack with useless things!

They Changed What!?

Following what happened on PC a while ago, Throwable Melee Weapons hit PUBG Mobile, making early encounters more reliable when you only find a pan and your enemies are inside the 40 meters radius, causing damage and knockouts if you aren’t wearing a helmet. Don’t worry though, pick up your melee weapon and keep throwing it at anything that could move. To do this, look inside your settings and toggle the Quick Throw Feature. Just a swipe and bum, eat my pan. 

Mark the route with the new mini-map feature to tell your teammates where to actually go, instead of letting them be and having them get killed after. You can now see what equipped weapon you have when you’re driving. There is also improved color performance in the 2x and 3x scopes.

Other small changes include a sight sensitive to Win94, improved animation during reloading for DP-28, an easy way to share your personal controls and sensitivity level with your friends, and a brand-new item called Spike Traps. They can be used as a throwable item after you pick it up or they can be placed on the ground to puncture some tires!

Grenades and Cocktails. 

  • Affecting the classic modes, there are some minor changes to every grenade in the game: 
  • Frag grenade: Damage is reduced by 20%, but the blast effect is improved.
  • Stun grenade: Now takes effect 0.7 secs after hitting the ground. Increased effective range from 5 meters to 6.5 meters. The blast effect is improved. 
  • Smoke grenade: Will take effect 1 second after hitting the ground, slightly reducing the first-person perspective visibility when the player is hit by a smoke grenade.
  • Molotov Cocktails: Increased damage taken by players in the burning area of Molotov Cocktails by 10. The effective range increased by 20%.
  • Of course, they improved the grenade explosion marks on the mini-map to differentiate them from the gunshots mark. 

Lightweight-installation (Android Only).

Some players believe that the game consumes their internal space quickly. With this extra feature that debuts on Android phones, there is the possibility of reducing up to 70% of the game’s weight on your devices. Using a lot less space, you can jump into the action way faster than before, reducing the actual patch (which needs 1.96 GB) to only 610 Mb. This means that devices with limited storage will enjoy PUBG Mobile just as much as ones with plenty of disk space. 

This patch came with a lot of news for casual and competitive players. Even banning hackers and improving the report system to make it better and to reduce cheating. It’s part of every update, but just counting the crossover with Metro, this new season of PUBG Mobile aims to be one of the best updates ever! 

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