Let's break PUBG Mobile:Hammers Esports acquired a Competitive Roster

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We want to tell you something, well, you should know already what we’re talking about if you follow us on Twitter. Still, it’s a pleasure for us to introduce you to our competitive roster for the global phenomenon game Player’s Unknown Battleground Mobile, best known as PUBG Mobile.

Tencent, the ones in charge of this Battle Royal mobile game, established a solid competitive scene in the few months the game was alive, and we couldn’t bear to be outside the party, so we invited some fresh talent to join us. 

Hammers Esports wanted to bring in a flexible team who can adapt to every situation in the game. For us, it not only counts how to aggressively attack but knows when to sneak and stealth when the circle gets smaller and the situation turns out difficult and hard to handle. A well-balanced team was our goal,  and we’re convinced these players talk by themselves. 

Let us introduce you, one by one, to our brand new PUBG Mobile competitive roster. Take a look at what they can do. 


If we have to describe him, surely, we can say he can do everything, from support, flank, entry or scout with no problem but mainly playing as fragger and in-game leader. He assists the team in all ways he can during those invasions and areas control during the early game, also his strong macro and micro map knowledge, gun skills and good communication with the team makes him somewhat a natural leader. Once he found a M416 + Kar98 no one could stop him. 
Veazzy has played since season 1 but takes it more seriously and jumps into the competitive scene during season 5, strengthening since then thanks to all the support of her friends and manager. 


An agile player, able to switch between positions depending on team needs. Usually in early games he covers positions like early fragger or scout, but later changes and plays as IGL (in-game leader). His macro and micro game strategy are fundamental during matches as much as his gun skills and map knowledge. Navii has a good eye for positioning, so the team trusts him no matter what. 


Playing as fragger in most games, Parzival also can cover positions like flank or support when the team needs it. For him, it is unusual to play scout position, but his aggressive will to wreck the enemy in the first stages of the game make him someone to be aware of. He communicated his moves during the game without problem, even when he takes a car and drives around the Erangel map tearing enemies down. 
Besides, he didn’t like mobile games; he has been playing since season 1 just with her brother Veazzy. Not taking the game seriously until season 10, because he enjoyed other battle royal games like Apex Legends, when he customized the tactile UI for more comfort, Parzival fell in love with PUBG Mobile, taking his pro player career into consideration. 


A malleable support who can adapt to any situation. Helping his teammates is his primary position but can transform his play style to early fragger. During the games he stays close to his comrades, passive playing until the zone changes lead the team into dangerous locations. 
Luckyy has been playing since the game was launched and builded a competitive career starting on season 2. Enjoy playing with his teammates, even more when he can run through the Rain forest map of Sanhok.


The one who can conduct the team to good positions and situations without doubt, switching in-game leadership with Veazzy depending on the stage of the game. A passive aggressive scout who loves the snowy Vikendi to hide and make surprise attacks to take advantage of his macro map knowledge and the way he calculates every situation to overcome and push harder when the opportunity comes across. 
He started in season 1 but reached a competitive level during season 14. He tried to be a competitive player since season 8 without success during that time. Coast enjoys playing with a serious squad, but the best feeling he could describe is winning a final zone with 50 players around. 


Making a resume, Faith is the manager, the one in the backstage cheering the team up and suffers with them as well. A serious responsibility he loves to perform. He’s not only in charge of training hours but for making their life easier and letting them focus on what would happen in every competition.  
Faith has a mission with the team, a compromise no one could break easily, because he wants the team to become the best of the best in the competitive scene. Hard work, discipline and strategy are the bases he considers the team need to develop to reach their full potential. He craves to surpass their last performance in the ESL and win the trophy soon. 

New Roster, Happy Hammers.

As you can see, these guys are not easy to take for granted, the way they combine with each other and how they compensate for their weaknesses and failures are important perks when every game starts. Hammers Esports knows the importance of a well-balanced team, and welcoming these guys to our lovely home makes us radiate happiness. One more time, Welcome to the Hamfam! 
Keep tuning us to get even more information about our PUBG Mobile team. Also, you can find more information about other games, guides, other professional rosters inside Hammers Esports and news about us. Remember to follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Discord.

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