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Announcement jan. 09, 2019

TFL 2019 Official Rulebook

Competitors, It's time to shine! Preparations are underway as Omlet Arcade finalizes their list of the sixteen streamer captains (and their chosen teammates) entering into the first competition of TFL Season One...The Forged Four! If you're a skilled participant or a captain of a pre-invited pro team, you'll want to be completely prepared for the battles ahead by reading, agreeing and completely understanding all of the rules found in the Official TFL 2019 Rulebook (downloadable PDF included). If you have any questions, join and ask them in any of the official TFL channels listed below, especially our Discord server!

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Announcement jan. 02, 2019

Welcome to The Forge League!

Welcome to the league where heroes are made and stars are born! In partnership with Omlet Arcade and Hammers Esports, the Forge League was created to begin and continue the neverending search for new talent followed by the ultimate test: a battle against the pros for even more cash prizes! The inaugural first season and production of The Forge League will highlight the amazing arena brawler currently sweeping the mobile gaming world: Brawl Stars!

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brawlstars dec. 29, 2018

Brawl Stars HAMFAM Rewards

Beginning in 2019, Hammers Esports would love to support all of our entire Brawl Stars player community and competitive drive rewarding our top #HAMFAM brawlers with cash prizes, bonuses and more! If you’re a verified hammers member within any one of our official Hammers Clubs and push trophies to land within the Top 10 seasonal leaderboards (US region, every two weeks) you’ll automatically be able to earn some awesome leaderboard rewards.

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